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Crowdsourcing Entries

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Designer: This option has a spread with silhouettes of people, with color gradation to create interest.

Sky art directors: I love the silhouettes of people. Perhaps a different typeface would make this layout sing, something that distracts the reader's eye away from the people.

Strong Typeface

Designer: Here is my entry for your contest. Feedback is welcomed. Best regards to all!

Sky art directors: This could work, primarily because you've used a strong typeface and it's the central element.

Paper and Paper

Designer: Here's a version with paper airplanes and paper type.

Sky art directors: This is a great use of creative typeface to illustrate your point.

Crowd Creativity
Designer: The concept I used was the idea of crowd creativity behind every job.
Diversity and Type

Designer: I wanted to try a different approach—to represent diversity using type. The imagery relates to the different instances of crowdsourcing.

Sky art directors: Cool idea. I like the type you've created. It's colorful and retro yet modern.

The backstory:
For our February 2010 article on crowdsourcing, we thought a fitting way to illustrate (literally) the concept of crowdsourcing was to tap the thousands of graphic designers on the Internet for our headline treatment. We submitted a request for designs on crowdspring.com and received more than 100 submissions, from professionals and amateurs alike. Here are some of our favorites, along with explanations from the artists and feedback from our art directors.

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