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Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn

Jeff Weiner
The CEO of LinkedIn is seeking to expand the online professional network to all 3 billion members of the global workforce and 70 million companies around the world. He's well on his way.

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.
A new economic future is taking shape in Washington, D.C., as tech start-ups and booming construction redefine the city.

Helmet photo illustration, Darren Braun

Hiring Vets
Thousands of veterans and active duty soldiers are trading their service posts for civilian work—thanks in part to companies and networks that appreciate their unique skills.

CN Tower, Jim Richardson

Time Out
You've got a day to spare in Canada's largest city. Here's what you do.

Kevin Thornton, Johnny Savage

Dublin's Forager Chef
Kevin Thornton's farm-to-table philosophy reflects a centuries-old way of life.

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